The story that almost happened


An eternity ago (approximately five months), I mentioned that something new was coming. I didn’t forget nor procrastinate, in fact pretty much the opposite.

Since then, a lot happened in my life. I changed country, which is frequent for me, but I also started a new career, and I definitively did not expect the initial workload.

Back in March I thought that I would have at least a relaxed summer that I could use to create new content, but sadly I started my new activity sooner than I expected, and since then it has been impossible to work on my personal projects.

What I wanted to do was a short comic series based around Lars Kata-Stroff and his step-sister Eva Kata-Na. I have some finished panels that I could post, but I don’t want to post two introductory pages and then nothing else for a long time, it would lose relevance. In total, I had 7-8 pages planned (and then I would have stopped).

Sadly, I cannot produce anything at all for the next 6 months to 1 year, best case scenario. It would also lose relevance to bring Lars back into the picture long after he has been forgotten. Oh well, for now I need to prioritize what is going to put food on the table!

What would you prefer that I do?
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