Suspicious cyber attacks


We deeply apologize for the time since our last articles, there are several reasons for that.

  • For one, our firewall detected intrusion attempts in the wake of our article mentioning spies in the pro scene.  (Booooooo! 👻 ) I don’t think that it was maliciously targeted at us, probably just bots blindly reacting to keywords.
  • Then, I spent what little free time I had on adding finishing touches to the website, with some external help. The RSS flux wasn’t behaving correctly,  when linked on Facebook and Twitter the website’s thumbnail logo didn’t show, and a few other behind-the-scenes functions needed attention.
  • Finally, even though there are two of us (Boooooo! 👻), there is only so much we can squeeze in a busy schedule. It would be a different story if the website was self-sustainable, but until we get there, we can’t allocate as much time as we would hope for the website. Hopefully as the website gains traction (it’s still very young), I will also be able to recruit other content writers. But we are not there yet!

That being said, I have a new article ready for tomorrow, if Léa can have a look at it first (Booooooo ! 👻). (Edit: Well, seems like she has had enough time to waste on interfering with this post!)

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