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Loki: It’s on! We finally launched The Simulation!

Léa: Yipee! Bravo!

Loki: Are you the local cheerleader?

Léa: No, I am the ghost who says “Yipee”, and I will haunt your articles! Boooooooo!  ? Boooooooo! Booooooo randomly in the articles that you will write !

Loki: Well, I regret this already. There is still enough time to cut off your access to the site.

Léa: Of course not. Don’t be like that. You know that I am your lovely little sister, I do no wrong. ?

Loki: I beg to differ. There is so much I could tell… You are a real devil.

Léa: No, I am lovelyyyyy I tell you. Nice and lovelyyyyyyy. The more I say it, the more it must be true. I am lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Loki: It doesn’t work this way.

Léa: Tsk, me, I know that it works ! ?

Loki: I think that we are wandering off at a tangent. Back on topic, The Simulation launch. Léa will be supporting me, and I would be happy if she feels like writing articles at times to times.

Léa: We will see, I can’t promise anything. As long as you don’t ask me to get any close to social networks!

Loki: Yes, we flipped a coin, and I have to deal with that. Next month, we flip again.

Léa: No way!

Loki: Yes, ok, I know, you want to insulate yourself from the rest of the world.

Léa: Only from the rest of the internet, it’s not always the most welcoming place. ? By the way, are you not afraid of the kind of comments that the site will attract?

Loki: Nah, it’s part of the game. Among other reasons, it’s also why the comments are separated between news and blog. An extra effort is required to comment on the blog, which will allow to filter those who don’t get angry whenever their favorite game is made fun of, and those who get the aim of the site.

Léa: Fakes news ?

Loki: There is some truth in there, but it’s not accurate. The problem with fake news is that the insidious ones impersonate official channels or are propagated by media that pass off as legitimate. The Simulation is not hiding the fact that it is satire and entertainment. I see it more like April Fools’ Day, every day, and a catharsis for annoying behaviors and trends in the industry.

Léa: And the blog, does it also come from an alternate reality ?

Loki: This part is much more grounded, so normally not, but I’d rather consider that yes, it does. I don’t know yet which future projects I want to explore here, but I love to write horror fiction.

Léa: No, you must write love storiiiiiiieeeeess! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Loki: I never said yes to that. Why don’t you write them yourself?

Léa: Yes, I will write about your dating life! There is so much to talk about!

Loki: No, no 🙁

Léa: I have full powers on the site. FULL POWERS! ?

Loki: I already said so, but I already regret this. Ok, my first act will be to FIRE YOU.

Léa: No no I promise, I will behave, I will be a good girl ?

Loki: Alright, I will keep an eye on you. Back to the blog, I am not yet sure what the content will be. Maybe simply traditional blogging for now, and if the website is successful, we will see about new projects.

Léa: Yes, please read our site, so we can start doing many cool things! ?

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