Preparing April Fools’ Day


First of all, I’d like to apologize: not a single article since the beginning of March! I had to move around for my job, and never stayed home long enough to be able to sit down and write something decent. A single writer is not enough to keep the website alive; Léa helps me out, but she is not here to write articles autonomously and she was busy as well (Booooooo! 👻 ). Ideally, I would need other writers to provide content, if you are interested please submit a few ideas or show me previous articles that you wrote at contactthesimulation [at] gmail [dot] com. What I am looking for: satire and/or something funny, telling stories. Or if you would like to help from another angle, such as editing/proof-reading, translating FR -> EN or EN -> FR, that could also be of interest.

Now that I am back, I will attempt to write a bunch of articles for the most auspicious time of the year: April Fool’s Day. Once they will be published, I kindly ask of you to share these (or older articles) on reddit, forums and social networks, this is a huge help! By the way, my thanks to those who already do it.

After giving my all to release several articles in a single day, I probably won’t be able to provide new content right after, since other things in my life require my attention; The Simulation is not a revenue source for me, I am bleeding money by keeping the website alive. Nonetheless, my lack of regularity bothers me: I can’t ask of my readers to invest in the website, if they have no guarantee to see regular content. I am thinking about changing the financing methods to reflect that, and see whether occasional donations would be better than monthly subscriptions. I already removed ads and Amazon affiliate links, they will only be back if the website gets more fleshed out.

I’m not suffering from a lack of ideas, but a lack of time. I have several budding ideas in the works, but I’d rather not talk about them before they come into existence, as not to give you false hopes that I would later disappoint. I’m also thinking about using the site as an incubator for other people’s interesting projects.

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