First post after launch


Hi, Léa here!

My brother is away for a few days, he won’t be writing any news article until next week. I know, I know, you’re all super sad and disappointed. ? That’s why I thought I could maybe dust off the blog and write a little bit about our launch! Errrm, I don’t know how to add pictures, sorry for the wall of text. ?

First off, I was forced to handle social networks as well, despite my express desire not to. ? What happened is that Loki got himself locked out by Facebook. He didn’t even do anything bad! I will try to explain what happened. When someone likes one of our posts, Facebook sends us a notification, telling us that we should invite that person to like the page. Anyhow, so Loki started inviting everyone who reacted to our posts. He had a lot to do, since one of the articles was buzzing on Facebook! Facebook kept sending him notifications and he kept inviting, probably thousands of people! And then Facebook decided that doing what they suggested was suspicious activity, and they locked him out. So I took his turn, and I had fun playing ‘whack-a-mole’ with the invite button. I guess that’s alright, I could at least do that. Out of the thousands invited, only about one hundred liked the page. It’s not much, but it’s still a start to our plan to take over the world! ?

Even though we don’t have enough followers or visitors for the website to be sustainable yet, we were very happy with the feedback on some of our articles. A lot of people said that they laughed at the stories of Lars and Mitsuko, which really pleased us. Thank you for all your kind comments! ?

A few of our readers have also started sharing our articles in forums or with their communities, and we really appreciate that. The more our articles are shared, the more eyeballs come see The Simulation… the more we can keep working on the site and entertaining you, and maybe at some point evolve the site. We have lots of ideas where to take it, but we are too limited for now.

Thank you for reading, have a great weekend! ?

With love,
Léa ?

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